Understand the client’s Needs and Objectives

Develop a Strategic Business Plan to ensure the client’s needs and objectives are achieved

Implement the business plan and Monitor project performance

Communicate with the client

Ensure Compliance with the Investment/ Development Management Agreement


Achieving a planning consent is not just submitting plans and a series of reports to the local authority. Each situation is unique and procurement must be considered carefully, in order to best achieve the goals whilst being cost effective. We have a wide understanding of various use sectors and occupiers, which aids us in creating viable and sustainable developments. For each scheme we select the appropriate professional consultants in order to maximise results. From day 1 the decision process revolves around the fundamental questions, is the scheme deliverable, fundable and saleable.


Development Management is a multifaceted skill. A carefully orchestrated process balancing the requirements of the market, timing and cost control to supply a quality product which is pleasing to its environment. From professional team selection, Fortus lead the team through to practical completion and occupation. We are constantly testing ourselves, ‘brainstorming’ ideas with the team on how to create a development which is relevant and innovative to the occupier market, whilst being financially viable and aesthetically rewarding to our Clients/ Partners.


Experience and stock selection is crucial to the success of return on equity vested. The Fortus philosophy is one of professional due diligence whilst thinking ‘outside of the box’. We create a business plan focused on the exit strategy in order to maximise returns.


Fortus are the retained property investment managers for a Guernsey Property Unit Trust.

Asset Management

Procurement, supervision and oversight of property managers, leasing agents, contractors, consultants and such other 3rd party service providers as may be necessary for the management of the Property to the extent contemplated by the annual business plan.


An annual business plan shall include:-
Income and expense account projections
Property budget and operating plan
Marketing and leasing strategies
Implement appraisal and valuations where necessary
Make recommendations as to capital improvements, financing refinancing and disposition of the Property
Maintain appropriate records, cash management and procedures.
Ultimate instruction is taken from the client.